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How to find free of use wallpaper with Bing?

If you want to use a nice image you found online as your wallpaper are you allowed to do it? It is sometimes hard to be sure if a photograph, a logo, an image found online is free to use and to avoid legal and financial repercussion it is important to know.

When you find a picture want to use while browsing the web, you can contact the owners of the website that displays the image but it's not always possible and you can't verify that the picture is really own by them. The quickest way to find legal images is with search engines.

Search engines such as Bing have the option to filter your results by types of copyright license.

Whether it's for commercial or personal use you can follow these easy few steps:

  1. Go to Bing image search page
  2. Make a search for the image you need. You will have a lot of options but most of them are not free of use.
  3. Click on license (in the menu under the search box).
  4. Choose a license option, depending on your needs:
    • All
    • All creative commons 1
    • Public domain 2
    • Free to share and use
    • Free to share and use commercially
    • Free to modify, share, and use
    • Free to modify, share, and use commercially

There will be fewer results, but you can have the peace of mind that those images are legal. Then you can use those images freely without having to worry about consequences.


  1. All the creative work to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply.
  2. Creative Commons are licenses for work that is meant to be public and allow distribution.