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How to change the wallpaper on Apple Watch

Since your watch follows you everywhere it is worth taking the time to customize it.

For all models of Apple watch (1st generation, series 1, series 2, series 3, series 4, series 5) you can personalize your watch easily by changing the background.

You can follow these short steps:

Step 1: Access your screen settings

Press and hold the clock on your watch.

Step 2: Choose your wallpaper.

  1. Select from popular apple watch backgrounds; Scroll left or right to see all options
  2. Or Add a new wallpaper; scroll right all the way, tap on new and scroll up or down to go through your images.

You can use your own picture or even download a wallpaper on many specialized websites.

Step 3: Make your selection:

Simply tap on the background you would like to have to confirm your choice.

How to delete your new watch wallpaper

  • Press a few seconds on the background you want to remove
  • Swipe up and click on remove

You can repeat the process many times and change your watch background as much as you like.

For more information you can see Apple watch support page