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How to change the wallpaper on Desktop

Changing your desktop background is easy, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Access personalization settings

Right-click your desktop and click on Personalize.


Click on the start button, click settings, and select personalize.

Step 2: Choose the image you want for your background

You can choose from:

  • Microsoft wallpaper collection
  • Your own picture; click browse to access your photos
  • A wallpaper Website: you need to find and download the wallpaper beforehand

You can create a slideshow by choosing several pictures and selecting "slideshow" underneath the background dropdown menu.

You can choose how often your want the images in your slideshow to change (between 1 minute and 1 day). You can also select the shuffle option instead of having them in order

Step 3: Adjust the image

You can stretch, move, center the picture to fit perfectly to your screen.

Step 4: Save

Click save to install your new wallpaper.

Enjoy your new computer background and change it as much as you like.

For more information visit the Window support page