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How to improve your health with nature scenery?

Banff national Park, CA 4k HD image

If you are looking at the picture above you should instantly feel better, just imagine being there and breathing far from the stress of our lives.

Nowadays we are dependent on technology. We are constantly looking at our screens; mobile phone, tablet or staring at our desktop at the office. Of course, going on vacation all the time and living in the forest sounds great but it is not always realistic.

Why do we need to make the effort to include nature in our life?

Physical health benefits related to the reduction of stress like:

  • Control of your blood pressure
  • Help with heart rate
  • Increase your immune system
  • Reduce muscle tension

Psychological Health benefit:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Makes you feel happier
  • Relaxation
  • Helps you concentrate

Nature has a positive effect on brains. It also increases your productivity; studies have shown that even images of nature scenery can influence our mood and productivity.

The positive feelings associated with nature are undeniable even indoor you can make some changes to include it in your life. Focusing on smaller efforts that you can accomplish easily first.

Fall road 4k image

But how can we include it in our day-to-day life?

Luckily a [study] found that even if you can’t experience seeing landscape everyday there are several easy and cost-efficient ways to increase nature’s benefit at home and at the office
  • Images are the easiest way to trigger you brain and make you feel the benefits of nature scenery. An easy and free way to do it is by having a nature wallpaper on all your phone, your desktop and tablet. You can use a picture you took yourself on your last vacation or download a free full HD or even 3D wallpaper on websites like Pexel or zedge. By downloading images for your desktop at work but also for your phone (iPhone or Android) wherever you go you can bring nature with you.
  • Get a plant! The University Queensland even did a study on the benefits of a greener workplace and found significant increase in productivity. It is a very cheap way to stimulate your brain and will make a significant difference.
  • You can use your other senses too, try inserting nature sounds in your day routine. Sounds of insects, waterfalls, wind. Listening to them while relaxing or even before falling asleep are a great way to include them. You can find soundtrack on Spotify or YouTube. You can also get essential oils to use your sense of smell.
  • Leave you iPhone at home and go for a little walk, even if you live in the city you can’t get better Hd than seeing it yourself. No amazing soundtrack or animated wallpaper can compare to experiencing it fully, but it can still help you making your life less stressful.

Whether it’s a soundtrack, an HD wallpaper, a greener office or actually spending more time outside trying to include nature in our routine is always a good choice.