How to convert document Illustrator file to only one color? (eg. Green)


Is there any way of converting a illustrator file with text and logos to one only. As I'm working for a client that only wants to print with one-color?

9/7/2012 12:59:00 AM

Accepted Answer

With Illustrator CS4 or greater it's pretty easy.

Select all the artwork.

Choose Edit > Edit Colors > Recolor Artwork


If the artwork contains black which you want to alter as well..... Click the little pref icon next to the "Preset" drop down menu. This will bring up the Color Reduction Options dialog.

  • choose 1 from the colors drop down
  • uncheck the "Black" item under "preserve"
  • if "Grays" is checked, you'll want to uncheck that as well.

with black

Then Proceed to #3 below.


If the artwork does NOT contain any black, simply choose 1 under the color drop down in the middle of the dialog window. Then proceed to #3 below.



Then double-click the little box under where it reads "New"


The Color picker will pop up... choose the color you want (you can use the basic color dialog or you can pick a swatch if you have a Pantone Swatch you want to use. Add the Pantone Color to the swatches before you start all this though.) Then hit Okay.

9/7/2012 12:44:00 AM

Since you say "print"...

The general rule I've found among providers who print single color (single plate, single silk screen, whatever) is that they prefer the artwork itself in black with a specification as to the desired color (usually a Pantone number).

There may be exceptions to this, but I've not run across any. You or your client should ask the print provider for guidance on how they prefer the work set up.

You can very quickly convert to "black plate only" in Acrobat, of course, but Scott's approach will work nicely inside AI.