How can I remove the default shading of a simple model in 3DS max?


I've been downloading free 3d models for a project that I'm working on, but I can't figure out how to disable the default shading. I'm using 3DS MAX 2013.

Here's an example of a table I'm working on:

Table example image

I used the material editor to add a Diffuse material to the top of the table. As you can see, there is shading around the front rim of the table, which moves with the table as I rotate it.

Is it possible to disable this shading? If so, how can I do it? I read about Self-Illumination but I didn't have any luck in applying it to the model.

10/29/2013 9:17:00 PM

In working viewport:

  • left top corner
  • click right mouse btn
  • Smooth+highlights
  • Other visual styles
  • flat

For render:

  • delete lights from scene or disable lights: select light - general parameters - Light type - off
  • top menu - rendering options - Rendering Method - Default Light - off
  • ctrl+L
8/24/2012 12:12:00 PM