I am starting to develop a logo, but I want to know the best medium to work with. The size of the logo should never have to exceed 500 x 500 pixels, so I'm not sure if that should be taken into account. I would like to initally model something after this image here:

enter image description here

They use some depth and lighting effects to really make it pop. Should I work with multiple programs to complete this.

Just as a note, I am talking about the text that says "LinuXMint"

7/20/2012 10:37:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Firstly, a logo should always be in vector format. What you are trying to make is a 3D visual of that logo.

Judging from the picture, I'd say this is done in Cinema 4D. But could be any 3D programm really. The effects are basically extruding a path (the logo) and applying a fillet. The material shaders are probably tweaks of some default plastic and metal shaders. No reflection map was used. As for light, there is one shadow-casting spot and ambient occlusion (plus global illumination perhaps). All of this can be done in one programm.

Now I am not sure if that tells you anything as I don't know your skill level. But if you are trying to find a tuturial, at least you have the right terms to look for.

7/20/2012 7:26:00 AM

The best designed logos are NOT 3D. Many have 3D versions for things like advertisements, but they all have an official 2D logo.

Here is a list of opensource software that might be useful:

  • Blender 3D (a full 3D package)
  • Wings 3D (a 3D modeling suite)
  • LuxRender (a 3D modeling application)
  • Art of illusion (another full 3d package)

I have used Blender before, and it is a really good piece of software, and the first one I would recommend to anyone.