How to print to PDF on Mac OS X from Adobe InDesign CS6?


I'm trying to print a booklet to a PDF file instead of a printer in Adobe InDesign CS6. Adobe Acrobat X Pro is supposed to allow this:

So we got Acrobat X Pro, but printing to the PDF doesn't seem to do anything. The print booklet dialog closes and we never get a prompt for a PDF filename, searching our filesystem doesn't show any new files created.. Adobe has a document on printing PDFs on a Mac:

But that doesn't work either :(. When we choose that Save as PDF option (tried both Save as PDF and Save as Adobe PDF), we get a dialog stating that saving as PDF is not supported in printer dialog.

Tried this on 2 different Macs. Is there another way or better way to print booklets from InDesign CS6 to a PDF file?

6/28/2012 7:01:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Acrobat X does not install a print driver on the Mac to the best of my knowledge. Acrobat Stopped installing the PDF printer driver at version 9 on the Mac due to how Apple built in the PDF saving.

I believe your first link is referring to a Windows system since the Mac OS has PDF saving built into the OS print dialogs (as shown in your second link).

All previous PDF print drivers from Acrobat will fail with CS5 or newer.

Here is how to use the Print Booklet.. menu item in conjunction with PDF output.....

After Selecting "Print Booklet..."
Click the "Print Settings" button and...
Print to a Postscript file.... print dialog

You will get a Save dialog when you finally click "Print". This will save a .ps file to whatever location you want. Then drag that .ps file to the Acrobat Distiller icon inside the Adobe Acrobat Pro X application folder.


Acrobat Distiller will convert the (bookleted) postscript file (.ps) into a viewable PDF.

The Save as PDF option within Indesign won't paginate the way the Print Booklet.. command does. So if you need Print Booklet, this method is the best way to use that in conjunction with PDF output.

(In reality, this is how all PDF files were created before Adobe built PDF saving and exporting into the other applications.)

6/28/2012 9:34:00 PM

I always find the Device Independent PPD rubbish. It doesn't allow you to define the page size, so unless your booklet spreads are less than A4 they end up cropped after you distill them. And don't get me started on not being able to add crop marks and bleed.

This link ( explains how to add Acrobat 9 PPD to your PPD options. This allows you to define page sizes including custom page sizes, for when you want to make an A1 size kids book :)

Hopefully Adobe realises that the print industry still needs to use PPD and starts making them again for Acrobat 11.