Unable to open Movies or Image Sequences in Photoshop anymore


I'm trying to do some rigging removal (something I do often in Photoshop), but for some reason all of a sudden I cannot open ANY movie format or image sequence in Photoshop (the option isn't even there for image sequence).

This has never been a problem before. I have the problem in both CS5 extended and CS6 extended.

I'd really like to avoid having to reinstall either/or CS5 and CS6. This is an almost fresh install of Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, and I do have all the requisite codecs installed.

6/26/2012 3:52:00 PM

I believe I may have a solution / workaround for you as I was contending with this same issue in CS6 extended..

1 - Go to file -> Scripts -> Load Files into Stack

2 - select the files from your image sequence (this will load your images into separate layers)

3 - Open your timeline - click the options tab (top right corner of timeline window) - select 'Make frames from Layers'

This will load all your images into the timeline - incase the frames loaded into the timeline in reverse order - you can select 'reverse frames' in the timeline options.

4 - to export to animated gif - go to 'File -> Save for Web' or hit Ctrl,Alt, Shift + S - this will start 'image-ready' options to export your animated gif.

Hope this helps.

9/24/2014 12:06:00 AM