Batch Processing


I need to batch process 100's of images in one go, these are largely product photographs for my e-commerce store & the task are repetitive such as white background , image resizing,and compressing .

Currently , I use:

  • GIMP - White Background ( Couldn't batch Process for white background)
  • Faststone - for Batch Resizing

I find this laborious & time consuming ? Is there a better way ..Do recommend

10/26/2016 11:35:00 AM

ImageMagick can do batch image operations.

It's a command line program, so most of the work will be in reading the manual and searching to find the right command to do what you need.

ImageMagick is actually a suite of a few different programs. The one for performing bulk operations on many files is mogrify.

The example below removes transparency (resulting in a white background) and resizes all .jpg files in the current location to 300 × 300 pixels.

mogrify -flatten -resize 300x300 *.jpg

You will need to read the mogrify documentation to come up with the exact options you need to use for what you are trying to do.

Edit: Since you mentioned using GIMP, I also wanted to point out that GIMP has a batch processing mode. I've personally never used this feature, but it may be useful if you have original files stored as .xcf files.

10/26/2016 11:50:00 AM