Hidden layer in image preview, can't see in Photoshop


I am a Photoshop novice and so I expect this might be simple to solve but it's a fairly unique problem (I think) and I cannot find a similar issue/solution searching online.

I had a PSD of my logo, when I use Image -> Trim to reduce my canvas size around the image I noticed it left some space above the logo, which I thought was weird but couldn't work out why.

I exported the psd to a .png format and stuck it on a web page, looks fine so I didn't think too much of it. However, when I open the .png in the Windows 10 photo viewer I noticed the hidden shapes in the top left corner. That explains why Photoshop wouldn't trim all the way down to the edge of the visible logo, which means Photoshop can "see" the shapes but I cannot see it.

It's definitely not a layer, hiding/showing everything makes no difference as the shapes never become visible.

The shapes in question are from a very old version of the logo that I thought I deleted properly (as they weren't visible to me on screen) but my PS knowledge not even at a pedestrian level I figure I've somehow left the shape there.

What I've tried:

  • Changing the PSD background from transparent too black/orage to try and make the shapes visible.
  • Using quick selection and magic wand on the area in question. It doesn't pick anything up.

I have a feeling I've broken the "master" PSD at some point and removed a layer that's going to make it impossible to fix.


^ You can see the canvas won't go down to the top of the blue shape

^ The Windows 10 photo viewer of the exported PNG that reveals the shapes in the top left corner, - although not visible on a web page or anywhere else that I can see.

I am using Photoshop CC 2015

EDIT I colored the foreground blue on all layers and it revealed the squares although I can't remove them, as it looks like they're just transparent boxes? When I fill them there's like a 0.1px feint line that I can just make out but I can't work out how to completely remove it...

enter image description here

10/7/2016 1:49:00 PM

Those square shapes are present in your file. They are just a very low opacity white.

Here's a screen shot with the area blown up. You can see the faint white shapes against the transparency grid. (Look next to the cursor in the screenshot)

enter image description here

These shapes must be on a layer somewhere in the file. You'll need to find them and remove them.

6/4/2017 10:29:00 PM