Copying layer comp positioning in Photoshop CS


I'm designing a iOS interface that had some last minute changes to the tab bar (across the bottom) and many of the screens had already been set up as Photoshop Layer Comps maintaining visibility, positioning and appearance.

Now that I've made my tweaks to the tab bar I need the new tab bar positioning in all of my existing layer comps. Is there an easy way to accomplish this without having to go through each comp and adjust?

6/6/2012 12:34:00 AM

If you've got one visual element -- on its own layer -- that's being used across multiple LayerComps, and that element needs a change to be applied universally on all those LayerComps:

  1. Select all your LayerComp states at once
  2. Make the necessary change
  3. Hit the update-layer-comps button while all the LayerComp states are still highlighted.

The change should be applied to all states simultaneously.

8/14/2013 10:29:00 PM