I can't Save Illustrator file as PDF


So I'm designing a 219" x 100" wall banner in Illustrator. Trying to save it as a PDF and keep getting an error box - "The dimensions of this page are out-of-range"

I have no crop marks or tools going... Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Any ideas?

enter image description here

3/8/2017 6:41:00 PM

There is rarely need to work at 100% scale when working in large format, for exactly this reason. Large format print work is generally printed at a much lower resolution so you can work at scale (i.e. lower size / higher resolution).

For example, 20" × 10" at 300 PPI is exactly the same as 200" × 100" at 30 PPI.

As always, talk to your printer (the person, not the machine) and find out what resolution artwork you need (if you're working entirely in vector then it doesn't really matter) and work at a more reasonable scale. You can find more relevant info here:

4/13/2017 12:46:00 PM