How to flatten object in Sketchup?


I designed this object part somewhere else in my project and it was not aligned to any axis. Now I try to get it flat on the "ground" so I can cut it properly with my CNC (through cambam).

object in a strange box, not aligned

I have 2 problems here that I can't figure how to fix:

  1. as you can see the blue "component" box around the object has a strange alignment. If i do "explode" and then recreate the component it is better but this is not a good solution.
  2. the bottom of the object may look like it is flat on the ground but it is not. If you pay attention you can see it going through the plane. I am struggling for a long time now with the rotate tool and i can't get it to have the proper alignment of one face to the XY plane.

I found an extension (Unwrap and Flatten Faces by alexschreyer) that do almost what I want but it only works for faces not object.

9/21/2016 8:26:00 AM

Accepted Answer

This is actually really easy.

  • Place your camera in a side view
  • Draw a straight line from one end of your object to another
  • Take the rotate tool and click on one end of your object
  • Then click on the other end and start dragging the object onto your straight line.

As for your first are stuck with explode and group or making it a component.

enter image description here

9/20/2016 2:25:00 PM