How do I specify the dimensions of a vector line in Photoshop CS6?


I am new to shape layers in CS6, and am running up against this issue:

How do I create a stroked line path (with no fill) with precise dimensions?

All I'd like to do is create several horizontal rules exactly 306 pixels wide.

6/4/2012 8:54:00 PM

One of the great factors of Photoshop CS6 is true vector elements. This means they can be altered after they are drawn to a greater degree than was ever possible in previous versions.

  1. Grab the Line Tool.
  2. Set the value for the weight you want your stroke in the Control bar.
  3. Draw a line.
  4. Change the "W" field in the Control bar to read "306px" and hit the Enter key.
  5. Done.

Note: You can return to the shape layer at any point later and change the "w" field again if you want to adjust the length or height of the line again. This is a HUGE step forward for Photoshop.

5/29/2012 10:01:00 PM