Photoshop: Why my gif animation is not smooth


I have a simple line which should be smoothly loaded step by step (like a loading bar), but instead it just fades in. I use Photoshop CC. For that I create first and last layers and then automate it with Tween tool

See here what I get :

and what I want to get :

Creating all steps manually didn't help too. What I need to do for smoother animation? Thanks in advance.

P.S I have some other complex images which should be turned to animation. So I don't mind to other animation tools or creating it with svg, if those are more relevant.

8/16/2016 11:30:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Photoshop can only tween position, opacity, or effect parameters. Nothing more. Photoshop simply isn't built for making complex animations.

If you simply want to animate lines "drawing" then you can achieve that pretty easily with SVG and CSS. There is a lot of information on tools and methods for animating for the web—including SVG—in this previous Q&A:

If you need more complex animations then you will probably need to use actual animation software such as Adobe Flash/Animate, After Effects or something else like Toonboom.

4/13/2017 12:46:00 PM