Why do these letters have gaps in them?


Not sure what the correct name is. Check the picture: why do these letters have gaps in them?

I could understand the letter "O" having gaps because the spray-paint-mold had to hold the inside area. But for other letters "L", "E", "N", this seems unnecessary?

Sliced letters

8/2/2016 1:36:00 PM

Accepted Answer

The actual reason is not for unity. Is for durability of the stencil. Small triangles like under the N or the gap that would form inside the E would break very fast and the stencil would be useless in no-time.

8/2/2016 12:14:00 PM

There are a number of reasons for the gaps on the stencil letters:

  • Not to collapse when wet with paint
  • Ease to remove from the stenciling surface
  • durability of the stencil itself
  • The letters were often made with paper/metal/plastic and cut with mechanical die-cut punching, so the gaps made it easier to keep the stencil shapes correct during the process.