Get text font from an image using GIMP


I have an image which contains a text. I don't know the text font. Is there any way to find the text font from an image using GIMP?

enter image description here

I need to know what font is used in this text image.

7/21/2016 11:03:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Unless you have the original Gimp file with the text still as a text layer, no you can't. Identifying a font from a raster image is complex and well beyond the scope of Gimp's feature set.

There are online services that can help with font identification from an image, such as What The Font.

You can also ask here on GD.SE, but make sure you ask a good question, providing the research you've done.

Edit: Check the font identification question requirements before asking a font identification question.

4/13/2017 12:46:00 PM