How can I control amount zoom effect in Photoshop's animation timeline?


I've discovered the Timeline in Photoshop CS6. This allows one to create animated presentations of photographs.

I've selected part of a photo, cut it, and placed it on another layer above the base layer. I've then repaired the original base layer to replace the cut pixels using the spot healing brush.

I now want to animate by zooming into the base layer while the top layer remains stationary.

I can do this fine, but I can't find a way to control the amount of zoom — there are no controls for this I can see. How do I do this?

7/18/2016 1:02:00 PM

Found the answer.

If I click on the right arrow before the timeline layer name, it opens like: enter image description here

If I select the last frame, press CTRL + T (on Windows) I can then resize the final size of the image in the zoom sequence.

7/16/2016 2:38:00 PM