Wacom Intuos Pro + Illustrator CC UI bugs


I just upgraded my old Intuos to an Intuos Pro 4 (Medium). I work on a Mac running El Capitan, and have the latest Wacom drivers.

Since i changed tablets, i noticed major bugs in Illustrator:

  • After ungrouping a selection, the mouse goes from selection tool to direct selection tool. I cannot select paths anymore

  • When resizing or moving items, "Alt" key randomly goes on/off

  • Clicking outside to unselect works randomly as well

  • Shift key locks

I can't understand what triggers this as it seems perfectly random so far...

Have any of you experienced similar issues?

Not sure i'm in the right place, but fear Super User has fewer Wacom users than this forum.

Thanks for the help!

7/5/2016 11:00:00 AM

Accepted Answer

I turns out i have bought my Wacom in France, and had downloaded the pilots form the "world" website.

I have compared my Wacom with my neighbour's, bought in Asia.

Product reference and all were EXACTLY the same.

BUT is turns out there is some kind of locale. Driver on the French website fixed my problem...

As easy and unexpected as that...

10/26/2016 5:52:00 AM