Tint a layer (or a group of objects) in illustrator


In Illustrator I want to give a whole layer of objects a common tint. But I do not want to also color any transparent background. Also, I want to be able to continue drawing on the tinted layer with all subsequent objects become tinted as well.

In Photoshop, I'd just place a single color layer above the artwork layer, set it's blending mode to darken or multiply and opacity to some fitting value. I just cannot figure out how to do something equally trivial in illustrator.

Anybody has an idea?

5/15/2012 2:17:00 AM

Accepted Answer

You could use the Appearance panel to add a new fill above everything. Set that fill the tint color and mode to Multiply and reduce opacity.

Then drag the object to the Graphic Styles Panel to create a style. Just apply the style to any new objects and change the base fill/stroke color.

enter image description here

5/15/2012 5:21:00 PM