Trying To Print to PDF in Illustrator


I'm trying to set it up "with separate color layers (CMYK)" as the printer request, but the Mode is greyed out. I don't have an actual printer installed, and a PDF is the result I want. I do have up to date Acrobat installed.

The Separations Preview shows up perfectly. Will saving from this method be sufficient?

enter image description here

Microsoft PDF is the only one that shows up. There's no Adobe option. I tried reinstalling Acrobat to see if it would add it, but no such luck.

6/22/2016 9:17:00 PM

Why don't you use AdobePDF printer driver?

enter image description here

It seems to me that Microsoft's PDF driver simply can't separate.

Please note that the Adobe PDF Printer functionality to create PDF files is only available with Adobe Acrobat (paid version), and not with Adobe Reader (free version).

9/21/2016 2:26:00 PM