How do I edit text on graphics downloaded from Shutterstock in Illustrator?


I have an event coming up for a social group of mine and have signed up to Shutterstock to download a single flyer (for a not so small fee of $300). All I want to do is use one of the flyers from the website and edit the text for our event. I haven't used Illustrator before, which is why I thought I would simply purchase a graphic that is already made so I can just change some text - which I thought would be a fairly straightforward task.

However from what I have read since, once a text has been converted to an 'outline' there is no way for one to then edit the text, and I must just delete the existing text and replace it with my own. The problem is, I downloaded this particular flyer BECAUSE of the different effects they applied to the text. If I delete their text and insert my own, I am basically left with a blank canvas.

Now as an engineer who works with software everyday, this just seems completely nuts. Surely people don't pay for graphics only to have to then recreate them themselves because Illustrator or whoever made the graphic doesn't include a way to edit text.

Am I missing something here or is this just how it is? Is there some way I can edit the text in the document while keeping the effects applied to it?

6/10/2016 3:00:00 AM