How to merge outlines and fills after using image trace on a hand drawn image?


I'm new to illustrator and I'm trying to import my hand drawn line art to color in illustrator. When I add the jpeg to illustrator and do image trace I'm left with an outline (solid black shape behind the image) and the individual components. I'd rather not have a black outline around all my work, but I also don't want everything one solid color. I want to combine the two parts and end up with sections that can be individually colored that include coloring just that section of the outline. Is that possible?

6/9/2016 4:35:00 AM

Go to the Image Trace and to click on the down facing arrow to the right of it and select the type of trace that your are looking for, then, go ahead and Expand the artwork and it should all become regular Vector shapes, which can then be colored quite easily.

You can experiment with them if you'd like to see how they turn out. In your case, I believe the option that you need is the Line Art

enter image description here

By default, clicking on Image Trace will choose the Black and White Logo option. (I'm not sure if you can change it though)

5/7/2017 1:37:00 AM