In Inkscape, how do I move individual parts of a clipped region?


I have a layer of shapes and a layer of paths that I am using as the source for laser cutting some objects. My goal is to clip the paths to the outline of the shapes, then move the resulting paths and shapes close together to prevent material waste when cutting. So far, I have done the clipping portion as follows:

  • Separate shapes and paths into two layers
  • Duplicate shapes layer and rename "Shapes - clipping" and hide original shapes layer
  • Group all shapes together
  • Move shapes layer to be above paths
  • select all shapes from the clipping layer and all paths
  • Objects->clip->set
  • Unhide original shapes layer

Which causes the image to be clipped as I expect:

enter image description here

What I can't figure out now is how to independently move each of these shapes. If I try to alt click and drag across the paths, and adding a single circle to the selection, it ends up selecting all the paths and moving them as one. How do I instead move just the paths clipped by a single circle? Is it possible to separate the paths based on the shape so that they are no longer connected "underneath" the clipped layer? My goal (pardon the MSPaint mockup) is to change the move behavior after clipping to behave as follows:

enter image description here


5/24/2016 2:00:00 PM

A simple solution would be arranging the clipping paths before clipping. But a much better solution would be cloning the shapes group a number of times equal to the number of the clipping paths, then clip each clone. And finally, hide the original path and don't touch it.

In your example, you would clone the shapes group two times, and clip each clone with the respective path.

5/27/2016 10:10:00 AM