How to use San Francisco font on Windows?


I'm doing all graphic design in a startup company of some friends, and a major part of our product is developing an app that should run on everything after iPhone 4. So after some researching (I have basically zero UI design experience) I figured we should use the San Francisco font for the app.

If I understand correctly Apple allows using the font for development purposes. However the official source only has an iOS version, and I'm a Windows user, which means I can't use it.

I managed to get the font from other sources, installed it, but it doesn't appear in either PS or AI. I also installed it on a different PC with a different Adobe CS version but that didn't work either.

I'm considering using Helvetica Neue instead, but it would be great if we could use San Francisco.

What options do I have?

1/13/2017 9:49:00 PM

You go here: (yes I know this is the official link - thing is: SF is a open type font, its just "hidden" deep in the downloaded package)

Then you download the font.

Then open the downloaded zip with 7zip. do all the following steps with 7zip:

  1. open the folder SFPro
  2. open the San Francisco Pro.pkg
  3. open the file Payload~
  4. open the folder .
  5. open the folder Library
  6. open the folder Fonts

Here are all the fonts you need. BUT, for some reason, at least in my case, if I install the italics I can not choose the regular font in an application. I don't know why and haven't tried anything like renaming or such because I just found all of this. Which is thy I have not installed the italics at the moment. But the rest works just fine.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: With the converter, which @Tanno shared, I converted the font into .ttf and it all works now.

2/13/2018 9:03:00 PM