In Gimp, how to resize a Selection after it's been used?


The question is probably not clear on one line! Here some details:

  1. made a circular selection (Ellipse Select Tool) to get a perfect circle
  2. just after, using the mouse, resized that selection by clicking a corner of that selection (See pic below, hovering the bottom-right side of the circle makes a "Resize selection" mouse cursor appear)
  3. then did "Inverse Selection" and erased part of the picture (Eraser), while the selection in 2. was not affected
  4. finally did "Inverse Selection" again to get back my initial selection: Selection is untouched, same as after 2.

However, now I'd like to resize the selection again, and went back to "Ellipse Selection Tool". But when the mouse is hovered over the Selection corner, the mouse pointer doesn't change to the "Resize Selection" as it did in 2. And clicking anything will lose that selection. This is because (while selection was not affected) some other operations were done in between.

enter image description here

How, after 4., the same selection can be resized (as I did in 2.) ; how to get the "Resize selection" feature back?

Actually, I just want to enlarge the initial selection circle, from the same center: maybe there is another way to do that?

5/21/2016 12:08:00 PM

Accepted Answer

With the elliptic selection tool, click into the selection.

This doesn't restore the selection per se. It rather starts a new selection within the bounding box of the existing one, but will come close in most cases. In your case, it should be indistinguishable from the original selection.

5/21/2016 2:52:00 PM