How can I resize an image in Photoshop without losing quality?


I have made a logo in Photoshop which I want to use in a banner for a website. A small problem, however, is that I made the logo way too large (I figured that if I would make the logo large enough, I would always have a sharp image). I now know that's not the case and I'm stuck with a logo which has a height of about 100cm and I cannot figure out how to resize it so that it fits in a banner with a height of 300 pixels without drastically losing quality. Is there any way this can be done? Or should I just start over creating a logo of a more moderate size?

5/19/2016 2:58:00 PM

Go to image > image size… enter desired pixel value and select the forth option in the dropdown and press enter. here's an image of what your menu should look like (it's from german photoshop though)

et voilà

5/19/2016 3:27:00 PM