Time requirement for Photoshop Vs Illustrator for mobile app


First of all I am not a designer but a developer, please bear with me if this an amateurish question.

I am looking to get some graphics done for a mobile app. I want to get vector graphics done so that it is scalable to different size for different purposes (app store, the phone, web etc.).

  • Generally speaking does it take more time to do it in Illustrator than on Photoshop?

  • Do I have to account for more time if I require it to be done on Illustrator?

4/24/2012 4:19:00 AM

I have been an avid Illustrator user for over 5 years now, and I have used it in a couple of large scale mobile projects (one of them was for the European carrier Orange). While there is no arguing that the rasterization engine of Illsutrator is inferior to the one that comes with Photoshop, the answer to your question depends largely on how you are proficient with the tool you'll end up using.

I can build a whole view in less than one hour in Illustrator (including shadows, insets, textures and other polish). That would take me at least 3 hours in Photoshop because my brain is wired to manipulating objects and artboards. I have hard time organizing my comps using Photoshop layers and I horribly miss the nimbleness of Illustrator (moving/resizing/aligning objects, changing whole color palettes, rounding corners, applying and editing strokes, etc).

If you are new to graphic design, I suggest sticking with Photoshop as it is less quirky as far as exporting rasters goes. Unless you know your way around Illustrator and are well aware of its limitations, I do not recommend it as your primary tool.

4/27/2012 3:47:00 AM