How to move up and down the layers panel in Photoshop using the keyboard on Scandinavian or German layout?


On a U.S. keyboard, you use the Option/Alt+[ or ] keys to move up and down layers.

My problems is that the brackets on the Scandinavian keyboard are located on the 8 and 9 number keys and do not work with the same short cuts.

5/12/2016 3:31:00 PM

A friend helped me find the solution!!

Here's my trick: First change to US keyboard. (win+space if you're on W8 or W10)

In Photoshop, use the Actions Panel! To keep it tidy, create a new group so you don't mix it with default actions. Create a new action and map it to f.ex. 'F2' in the create new actions dialogue. Record, and Enter 'Alt+LeftBracket' with US Keyboard active. Photoshop will save the command 'Select previous layer'. Create a new recording, map f.ex. 'F3', type 'Alt+RightBracket' and PS will record 'Select forward layer'. Now feel free to change your Keyboard back to your conspicious, outlandish, non-american layout.

F2 and F3 will give you layer select up and down!

Happy days!!

5/12/2016 8:49:00 PM