Photoshop kern and css kern ratio?


I am trying to determine the how much line spacing to set for the amount of kern used in photoshop. I can eye-ball the spacing but does anyone know the exact ratio between the two. ex. Set text kern to 50 in photoshop = 1 em line-spacing.


4/20/2012 6:22:00 PM

It's a bit confusing as to what you are asking, as kerning and line spacing are two different things.

However, I think what you are asking is how to set type in PhotoShop so it matches what you have set in your browser via CSS.

The answer to that is: you can't.

PhotoShop is a fixed canvas meaning you have full control over everything...the font, the size, the way it's being smoothed--every pixel in the file is under your control.

In a browser, none of it is under your absolute control. There are simply too many variables that you have no control over: the particular browser, the operating system, the end-user's preferences, the fonts installed, the type of font rendering being used, the default font sizes, the end user's changing font sizes in the browser, the type of device being used, etc, etc.

So, bottom line, don't ever expect type set in PhotoShop to be a pixel-for-pixel facsimile of what you will eventually see in the actual web browser.

4/20/2012 7:16:00 PM