How to expand/create a path around a stroke in Adobe Fireworks?


I have a graphic that looks like a stamp created in Fireworks,

it is mainly made of Paths that have custom stroke types on them,

the problem is that I want to expand the custom Stroke so that I have a Path around the grungy stroke,

Have a look at the screenshot to understand better, as you can see the Stroke type in my case is set to Bristle, have a look: enter image description here

4/20/2012 10:02:00 AM

Haven't used Fireworks in a while, but you I've got two similar workarounds:

First Copy the layer with the Bristle stroke in place then Flatten it(Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Z I think).

Then you can either:

  1. fake the stroke with thin and sharp Glow Filter
  2. convert pixels to paths by making a wand selection convert the selection to a path (either by right clicking and choosing Modify Marquee > Convert to Path or there should some menu option (Selection > Convert to Path maybe ? ). Note that you'll loose a bit of the 'roughness' as paths will be smoother. The selection tolerance might give you a bit of control. once you've got a path, you can apply a stroke to it.


4/20/2012 11:43:00 AM