GIMP: exporting as .png does not produce an image with the specified dimensions in "Scale image" or "Print size"


Let us say that I have a 600x600 pixels picture and I want to create a .png file with it that is 6x6 cm in size. What I do is to set the following in "Image->Scale image":

enter image description here

I can check in "Image->Print Size" that my settings seem to be correct, since it tells that the image is 6x6 cm big:

enter image description here

If I export the image as a .pdf file, my pdf viewer (Evince) or other programs (like Inkscape) show it with the appropriate dimensions, namely 6x6 cm. However, if I export it as a .png file, the dimensions change to approximately 17x17 cm. Why does this happen and how can I solve it?

EDIT: the "Export As" options that I use are the default ones, where the "Save resolution" box is checked.

5/4/2016 12:28:00 PM

Accepted Answer

From the Inkscape wiki FAQ:

There is a limitation in the way Inkscape imports raster/bitmap images (e.g JPEG, PNG, TIFF images): it cannot read the image resolution. Inkscape assumes a 1-to-1 relation at 90dpi, so any imported image with a different resolution will appear to be scaled.

That explains the difference in size you are seeing:

600px at 90PPI = 16.93cm

I'm assuming there is a similar problem in Evince.

5/4/2016 2:17:00 PM