AI: Offset Path to reduce the thickness of a vector


I downloaded this icon from flaticon and want to reduce the thickness of the path:

enter image description here

I followed the guide here: and used the offset path function but it just doesn't seem to do anything if I make the offset a negative number:

enter image description here

If I make it a positive number, I can see the paths will increase in thickness. Why will it not reduce in thickness if I make it negative?

5/3/2016 7:05:00 PM

Accepted Answer

You're having an issue, because the source file is tiny.

To illustrate this, I increased the object's size by 500% (Object > Transform > Scale):


At 500% scale, you can finally begin to notice the offset path (-1 px here):


I would increase your object's size, to begin with. Alternatively, you can try to mess around with small decimals to offset your path, but that seems much more difficult, to me.

5/3/2016 7:17:00 PM