How to cut a part of image in photoshop?


I need to make the following image in Photoshop cs6

enter image description here:

What I did is made two circles, one with light green color the second with dark green color as:

enter image description here enter image description here

Then I covered light circle with the darker circle. After that I drew a quadrilateral with the Lasso tool. Then I selected the quadrilateral with Quick selection tool and deleted that portion of the darker circle. The problem is that the quick selection tool doesn't cut area with smooth boundaries. The sides of quadrilateral are pixelated. So,

Is there any way to cut custom shape from an image/layer in Photoshop with smooth boundaries?

4/28/2016 5:48:00 AM

Accepted Answer

I don't think I really understood the description. If you want to make a circle just like the one in your first example, you could do it this way.

  1. Draw a circle with the Ellipse tool. Make sure it's a Shape.
  2. Cmd + C ( Copy ) - Makes a copy of the Path you just made for the Shape
  3. Cmd + V ( Paste ) - Duplicates the Path
  4. Cmd + T ( Free transform ) - To quickly make the new Path smaller than the original. This is all happening within a single Shape layer.
  5. From the tool options: Subtract front shape and Merge shape components.
  6. At this point you got the first circle. Lower its opacity, to make it a bit faded ( ...or change its color ). Then you can duplicate it with Cmd + J. Make sure to give the new ellipse 100% opacity or different color, so you can differentiate between them.
  7. Now you can use the Pen tool, to draw a triangle from the center of the circle. Make sure it's a Shape.
  8. Merge this triangle Shape layer with the second ellipse Shape layer. Select them both and Cmd + E.
    • This is only possible in later versions of PS. I believe CS 6 and higher. In case you can't merge shapes like this, at step 7 make sure you got the second ellipse Shape layer selected and that Pen tool is set to Path instead of Shape. This way you can draw additional paths inside the ellipse Shape layer, making this merging step unnecessary.
    • I just wanted to show both techniques just in case. Making separate shape layers and merging them can be way easier though.
  9. Then do the same thing as before. From the tool options: Subtract front shape and Merge shape components.

In the gif below I have made guides to mark the center of the document. This is so that I can easily draw the triangle from the center of the ellipse object.

Note that I'm also using Alt and Shift modifiers, when using Free transform and when I'm drawing the circles.

On windows, just replace Cmd with Ctrl and you get the same result.

enter image description here

4/28/2016 8:27:00 AM