Enlarge path (make bolder) in Inkscape


I converted the letter "Z" to a path. Now I want to make the Z extra bold. The corners should stay sharp. I don't want to make the letter bigger, I want it to be more bold. Any hints?

4/15/2012 10:17:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Add a stroke to the shape.

Am I missing something?

4/15/2012 9:11:00 PM

As Telofy notes, simply adding a stroke to the letter shape (like Scott suggested) may produce unexpected results if the stroke / fill color is semitransparent. For example, here's a semitransparent letter Z:

Example image 1: semitransparent letter Z

This letter has an RGBA fill color of #0000007f, i.e. 50% transparent black. The random ellipse behind it is there just to demonstrate the transparency. If I simply add a 10px stroke to this letter, with the same semitransparent color, here's what the result will look like:

Example image 2: semitransparent letter with stroke

Note the conspicuous dark lines where the stroke overlaps the fill.

There are (at least) two ways to avoid this. The simple one is to make the fill and stroke colors fully opaque and just move the opacity slider (which affects the entire object) down to compensate. For example, here's the same letter Z with #000000ff fill and stroke and with 50% opacity:

Example image 3: letter with stroke, 50% opacity

This simple technique, however, might not work if you want your letter to have a more complicated texture or gradient fill. In that case, an alternative solution is to:

  1. convert the text to a path (PathConvert to Path),
  2. duplicate the object (EditDuplicate),
  3. select one of the duplicates, add the desired stroke to it, and convert the stroke to a path (PathStroke to Path), and finally
  4. select both duplicates and unify them (PathUnion).

Here's what the result looks like, both with a plain #0000007f fill and with a fancy gradient fill, just to show that it works:

Example image 4: expanded letter with semitransparent fill Example image 5: expanded letter with gradient fill

Ps. Here's what you get with PathDynamic Offset. It's not the same:

Example image 6: semitransparent letter with dynamic offset