Pantone TPX to PMS color conversion with accuracy. Is it possible?


I have been searching around to find a program that will convert Pantone TPX to PMS so my printer can test some screen printing. I am not having much luck. I have come to this community to ask if all colors from other Pantone libraries can be converted to PMS. My two colors that need to be converted to PMS are:

  1. PANTONE 19-0201 TPX Asphalt
  2. PANTONE 15-0146 Green Flash

Online conversion links are appreciated.

4/12/2016 9:38:00 PM

There is a Pantone App called Color Xref for $1.99 that will help convert any Pantone color from one guide to the closest recommended color from another Pantone Color guide. For instance, Pantone 19-0201 TPX would be Pantone 425 C (in the solid coated formula guide) It's been a huge help for me in a lot of types of design. I've even used it to go from a Pantone Cotton TCX swatch to a Solid Coated swatch and then used the CMYK and RGB values when available, for digital applications and in-house test prints. But, one caveat, I usually use it as a starting point. Sometimes it's dead on, but the best practice is always to have the physical swatch guides and good natural or full spectrum light to let your eyes make the final call.

Here's a link to the app if you care to check it out:

Pantone Color Xref

Hope this helps.

4/12/2016 9:33:00 PM