Is there a website where i can just sell drawings?


I am 17 years old and wanted to find a way to make money from my anime/realism drawings. I'm kinda looking more for a website torward startup game designers who just need a drawing done and are willing to pay. Is there a website like that?

Ive went to "" but i've seen a lot of reveiws saying that its a scam and i feel like its almost impossible to get a sale on websites like ""

6/9/2016 10:31:00 AM and artists groups in

I haven't tried selling my art in these, but I have done some collaborations.

  • In DeviantArt you can have your own private webpage with your own touches, contributing prints and selling copies and files are a good way to make money. Also, collaborating with groups and the community may help your profit grow. Signing up is free and you can get core-member status if you found it suits your needs. I suggest you give it shot!

  • On Facebook you can join groups to introduce yourself. gather and notify people about your social events, like galleries, sells, new works, new skills and a lot more.

6/9/2016 2:40:00 PM