How to change the color of multiple objects of the same color all at once?


I have a design that has MANY objects. All objects are one of five different colors. I want to change all the objects that are a peach color to a different color all together. To find all of these objects, select them, then change them would take forever.

Is there a way to select one of the peach objects and tell Illustrator CS5 to find all of the other peach objects and change them all to my new color?

4/10/2016 1:21:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Option 1.

If you want to change one specific color to another specific color.

  • Select one object of the color you want to change
  • Select → Same → Fill Color
  • Change the fill to your desired new color

Option 2.

If you want to change multiple colors.

  • Select All (cmd + A) (or select the parts of your artwork you want to change)
  • View → Hide Edges or (cmd + H) This step isn't necessary, but makes viewing artwork in the next step easier
  • Edit → Edit Colors → Recolor Artwork... (or there is a Recolor Artwork button in the control panel that looks like a color wheel)

Adobe Illustrator Recolor Artwork

You can learn more about Illustrator's Recolor Artwork here:

4/10/2016 1:22:00 AM