Suggestion for Eurostile-like font


I'm currently re-designing an unified layout for my resume, portfolio, business card, and so on.

Until now, I've used Eurostile as my preferred font, but I'd like to switch to another with a free license (at least free for personal use)

What I'm trying to do is to convey the idea of elegant design and technical skill in an architectural context.

I'm non only interested in an open version of this font (although, if someone knows some close alternatives, it would be nice to share), I'm looking for a font that shares its main features: elegant, technical, suitable both for titles and text bodies. Of course it should be sans serif, and, as a bonus, retain the slightly rounded-square appearance of Eurostile (but this is not strictly mandatory, as long as it has a technical and elegant look).

4/9/2016 11:02:00 PM

I've rounded down some alternatives:

10/20/2017 10:58:00 AM