Multiple Pages vs Single Page with many artboards in Sketch 3?


I'm new to the app so just wondering if anyone has experienced performance issues with just using a single page with tons of artboards vs having multiple pages with few artboards.

I'm designing a website and each page of the website will have 3-10 artboards (responsive breakpoints + slight variations and assets). I will have 5 website pages to design so that equals 15 - 50 artboards. Most likely some where in the middle ~30 artboards total in the document.

Should I be just creating a new page in sketch for each page on the website? Or just have one page and all the artboards on that page? I'm thinking multiple pages in sketch as it will be better organized and probably have better performance.

What do you think? Did I miss something hugely important?

Thanks in advance

7/4/2016 10:16:00 AM

I personally prefer to have each website page on one sketch page, putting the responsive designs in artboards. I also do variations on the design in artboards, but I clean this up later. All my assets go on one page together, often grouping them in artboards if needed.

Organisation has never been a problem for me when doing this, nor has performance been an issue. And my pc specs really aren't anything special. I've been working on 31 artboards in one page (needed to make multiple variations of one small design) and as long as you place them together well and name them well, I think it's totally fine.

I do however work with mostly low quality placeholders for images when doing this, only the final set gets better quality images.

8/3/2016 10:38:00 AM