Where can i find icon fonts for currency symbols?


I would like help to finding an icon font package like ionicon for most, if not all, the currency symbols in the world. I currently use ionicon for my kivy app just need the currency symbols now.

4/7/2016 1:38:00 PM

Accepted Answer

A list of fonts that support the Unicode Currency Symbols Block, which contains currency symbols not part of more general blocks (i.e. Basic Latin that contains $ or Latin-1 that contains £) can be found here:

A list of all unicode currency symbols can be seen here—from which you can see which blocks contain each symbol and fonts that support those blocks.

If you do for some reason want to use an icon font, Font Awesome has a number of currency symbols, which you can find here:

4/7/2016 7:11:00 AM

It's sensible to use characters, not a font. What if the font doesn't work somewhere?

This caught my grandmother out when she wrote her book. She used a font for hebrew characters, and this font didn't print out - so some random letters were used instead.

Instead, you should use the unicode characters. This page has them all, and a selection are below:

U+0024  DOLLAR SIGN     $
U+00A2  CENT SIGN       ¢
U+00A3  POUND SIGN      £
U+00A5  YEN SIGN        ¥