trying to recreate a logo & need some pointers


I am trying to figure out how to create a logo based on a series of semi-circles within another, with only one end of the most interior semi-circle extended.

This is the original logo I'm trying to recreate (found here):

logo found here

I am trying to do this while maintaining a constant and uniform angle/width between all semi-circles. I have managed to create the exterior part, by creating a circle with stroke weight: 9pt and splitting it and rounding the edges, but I am having trouble figuring out a way to approach the interior segment.

exterior part

I have tried using the arc tool with the anchor points of the exterior semi-circles as a reference but cannot seem to get the angles right.

I have also tried creating smaller semi-circles but when it comes to extending one end, I am unsure of how to approach that as well and cannot maintain an even width within the semi-circles.

Beginner at Illustrator, looking for some tips. Any help is very much appreciated.

3/21/2016 10:49:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Note: blue are the shapes you keep, purple gets cut away.

Create Concentric Circles

enter image description here

  • make a circle that's 6x6 and one that's 2x2
  • subtract the small one from the large one to make an open circle
  • do the same for 10x10&14x14, and 18x18&22x22
  • put all of the open circles inside eachother, merge in to 1 object

Cut, Copy, Flip

enter image description here

  • subtract half of your circles
  • copy it
  • flip it
  • pretty recognizable now.

Straight down the middle

enter image description here

  • add a box to form (part of) the center-line.
  • subtract a circle from a rectangle (same size, offset by 50%)
  • scale this 'bitten square' and round off your center-line-box.

Put it all together

enter image description here

  • copy the rounded box over to the other side, add a box in the middle
  • merge all objects (and check if everything is snapped together properly)
  • rotate
  • clap your hands, do a dance
3/21/2016 11:33:00 AM

One thing I would suggest when using geometric shapes to construct something like this is to turn the grid on and snap to the grid. This saves a lot of time worrying about dimensions and lining things up.

A quick remake of the logo:

enter image description here

The specific steps aren't important, as these will be different depending on your desired outcome. Just use shapes and the pen tool to create what you need.

With the grid and snap on this took me about 1 min. It actually took me longer to setup the screenshot. Without the grid it would have taken me a lot longer (still not long—but relatively longer).

A quick color change and rotate and you have:

enter image description here