Exporting to pdf with CMYK transparency


I have a shape with a CMYK fill color and a transparent image. When I export it to PDF the colors get distorted. In the export the color setting is in CMYK.

What I noticed is when I change Transparency blend space > Document CMYK to RGB I get the colors as they are in the PDF.

What can I do to export with the intended colors?

3/15/2016 8:45:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Eventually I realized I had several issues:

  • I used CMYK dark gray: (c0,m0,y0,k95) which was converted on export to light gray (Although in InDesign output settings it was set to Display all blacks as rich black). I solved it by adding color to the gray (c60,m50,y50,k80)
  • The images were in RGB, so the color changed a little on export. Converted all to CMYK with photoshop, so no surprises there.
  • In export settings > output I had to use color conversion > convert to CMYK

enter image description here

And got all the colors right in the PDF

3/16/2016 6:27:00 PM