I'm creating a portfolio PDF in InDesign; the InDesign file contains some hyperlinks (some web links and a couple of email addresses, plus some text anchors for in-document navigation). The best balance between image quality and file size that I'm able to get comes from exporting from InDesign (v5.5) using a particular preset, then shaving an extra MB off the file by using Acrobat (v10) to resave it as an optimized PDF (Save as > Optimized PDF).

What I am discovering is that although the hyperlinks work perfectly in the file directly exported from InDesign, the optimization process in Acrobat seems to remove the hyperlink information — ie. the various buttons are no longer clickable after optimization. I've tried changing all manner of settings in the Optimized PDF dialogue, to no avail. Does anyone know what aspect of ‘Save as optimized PDF’ is breaking my hyperlinks?

3/11/2016 6:05:00 PM

Okay, I've finally pinned it down. In the 'Discard User Data' panel of the PDF Optimizer dialogue, turning off 'Discard all comments, forms and multimedia' got the document’s internal navigation jumps (set as text anchors in InDesign) working again. But the external hyperlinks still didn't work until I also turned off 'Discard external cross references' in the same panel.

Making those two changes allowed my PDF to come out the other side of the optimisation process with its internal and external links working correctly.

3/12/2016 1:40:00 PM