Cannot change stroke width in Inkscape


I am trying to change the stroke width of an icon in Inkscape but, unlike other times I have done this, this time the stroke width appears to be 0 px and I am not allowed to make it thinner:

enter image description here

The stroke width is actually quite large already, is there another setting I should edit to make it thinner?

You can download the file I am working on here.

BTW: sorry for the potato quality of the screenshot, this is what you get using Inkscape on a retina screen :/

3/9/2016 11:27:00 AM

Accepted Answer

In your file we have two (or three) nested problems.

The first is related to the group: for a grouped object we see 0 px as stroke value:


Your icon is nested in a series of groups, and you have to hit Shift-Ctrl-G repeatedly until done:


The stroke width is 0 px again, and in this case is correct, because your path is composed by an outer and an inner section, with a 0 px stroke and a black fill:


You can break apart the path:

break apart

Now, you can remove the inner path and add a border to the outer one:

a border

3/9/2016 11:53:00 AM