AI file appears blank?


So, I was working on Illustrator, I saved my progress and my computer went off. When I came back the AI file was blank, the file had 6 art boards and a lot of content, it was a brand guideline I was working on. I have to print and present this work in the next 3 hours and I'm about to freak out! I opened the AI file with a text editor and there were just a lot of 0's.

This dialog box appears when opening the file

enter image description here

Does anyone knows what happened? Can I get a temp file or something like that?

3/7/2016 10:39:00 AM

Accepted Answer

If you have latest version of illustrator then you may be in luck. Check that your data recovery settings are enabled in:

  • Preferences → File Handling & Clipboard → Data Recovery area. For more info see illustrator manual.

If you did not have automatic backups revert to a older version of your file. You may luck out and find such file in the backup of your system. See if you have either of:

If you do not have backups time to start doing so now regardless of whether you succeed in recovery or not, this will happen again. Note that its important to have offline backups as well as connected backups. Unfortunately the my dog ate my homework does not do much in a professional setting.

Third but not least, start using version control of some kind, see this for more resources. Personally i use Mercurial for this. I know telling you to get this sorted at this point sounds really annoying but you really have to experience something like this to appreciate the right kinds of tools.

4/13/2017 12:46:00 PM