I've always been intimidated by Illustrator and it's pen tool to the point that I void using it. I usually do everything on Photoshop and then import to Illustrator to use the live trace feature whenever I need to create my own vectors.

Today I bought Sketch, gave it a try and I am very amazed on how easy the vector tool is. I was able to create my first logo within a few hours. I know that Illustrator is the industry standard but I really want to keep using Sketch from now on.

I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to export my work to Illustrator. I exported as an eps but Illustrator merged the mop/center part of the logo (highlighted layer) as you can see here:

Illustrator esp

I wanted to show my Sketch file with all it's layers but I don't have enough reputation to add more images. But the mop is basically a composition of a bunch of layers in it's own layer group.

I tried again exporting as pdf and that seemed to separate all the layers correctly but I did get the "The document contains PDF objects that have been reinterpreted: An unknown shading type was encountered, An unknown shading type was encountered. To preserve appearance, some text has been outlined." message when opening.

I also noticed the main gradient on the mop disappeared (even though it did gave me gradients on other elements), and the Gaussian blur I used for shadows looks weird:

Illustrator PDF

Both exporting options left some text to be editable and turned other characters into shapes, and all borders became independent layers, they are no longer part of their original shapes.

I'm doing something wrong? Is there a specific procedure to exporting to Illustrator that you can share? Am I supposed to export every individual layer and recreate the whole thing again in Illustrator?


2/24/2016 8:14:00 PM

Ah, yes, PDF... lovely support for transparent gradients, which I'm assuming is what happened to your file.

From the Sketch Documentation on File Formats for Export:

  • PDF or EPS: Preserve vector objects. Note that transparent gradients are not supported in the PDF standard.

In your case, exporting an SVG might yield the result closest to what you're looking for: preserving your gradients and maintaining editable text layers.

I nearly always find myself exporting SVGs when I want to move from Sketch into another program (even Photoshop). But there's a bit of a caveat in that same document from above:

  • SVG: SVG support is quite good on shapes and text support, however, shadows are not supported.
3/1/2016 4:47:00 AM