Creating a gradient thaf follows the arch of my shape in photoshop


I thought what I wanted was quite simple but it appears not to be. I am trying to create a power meter but I can't get my gradient to to match my shape. I added a link below as to what I have and what I want. I heard you could do what I wanted in illustrator but since I don't have that program I'm limited to the abilities of Photoshop.

Idea of what I want:

What I have: enter image description here

You can see that the gradient lines are straight when I want them to follow the curve of my shape

Can I make a meter like that in Photoshop.

2/16/2016 11:12:00 PM

Accepted Answer


  1. Create any shape you want
  2. Right click on the shape layer and convert it into a Smart Object
  3. Double click on the converted layer

enter image description here

  1. It will open a new window to your shape where you can

    a) double click the shape and give it a gradient in styles

    b) create new layer (⌘+⇧+N) and add gradient with the gradient tool (press G)

    c) you can add a gradient layer (Layer>New Fill Layer>Gradient..)

  2. Press Save (⌘+S) and later close the window (⌘+W).

  3. You will be brought back to your original window, select your Smart object, press (⌘+T) to transform

  4. Switch between free transform and wrap modes

  5. Select your wrap shape and press (⌘+Enter)

Now you will see the gradient follows the actual shape form rather staying at static style.

You can always double click on the smart object layer you've created and edit the gradient without loosing quality.

I chose option **c)** because while i was recording it was the fastest way to perform :]


enter image description here

enter image description here

2/17/2016 1:14:00 AM