How to divide layer shape into multiple layer shapes?


I would like to divide these shapes into multiple layers. One layer for the eye, one for the head, one for the mouth etc..

How do I do this? I forgot to create new layers while creating my shapes.

I did this all in one layer: enter image description here

2/15/2016 7:51:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Realize that no command is going to split that raster photograph apart. I assume you are referring to your black paths and not the photo.

Illustrator's Layer Panel has two commands to break a single layer's contents into separate layers : Release To Layers (Sequence) and Release to Layers (Build). The difference between these two commands are how the objects are broken out.

  • (Build) constructs layers based on the stacking order of the objects. Layer 1 will have object A on it. Layer 2 will have objects A and B on it. Layer 3 will have objects A, B, and C on it. And so on... It "builds" the layers to reflect how the artwork is stacked.
  • (Sequence) puts each object on its own layer.

In you case, you would use Release to Layers (Sequence) and you would then have an individual layer for the path around the eye, and a layer for the path around the head, etc.

You can then drag the new layers outside the master layer in the Layers Panel if you'd like.

Release to layers - Illustrator

2/15/2016 8:51:00 PM